Monday, February 8, 2010

I Am Ghost

I Am Ghost is a post-hardcore rock band from Long Beach, California. They have some punk influences as well, and feature screamo vocals.
The lyrical subject matter revolves around gothic themes, such as vampires, death, and coffins, but can be interpreted to be Christian-themed as well.
They had a violinist for their first 2 releases: an EP, We Are Always Searching, and their first album, Lover's Requiem. The violinist was Kerith Telestai, who also provided the female vocals on those first two releases. She recorded using both electric and acoustic violins, and played live using her electric, which I believe is a Zeta Strados Modern. She said in an interview that her playing was influenced by bands such as Jars of Clay and Dave Matthews Band. Her violin parts are fast moving and provide mostly texture and accompaniement. She does have some solos, as on the song "Beyond the Hourglass," but for the most part the violins are mixed rather low in their songs.
Kerith, sadly, left the band in 2007, along with her husband, the former bassist Brian Telestai. Kerith really gave I Am Ghost a unique sound, that set them apart from the rest of the bands in their genre. They have since continued to use female vocals, but have not continued to use any more violins.

Recommended songs: "We Are Always Searching," "Beyond the Hourglass," "The Denoument," "Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps"

This is the song that got me into I Am Ghost:

And here is a video of Kerith in the studio recording for Lover's Requiem:

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  1. my favorite band, too bad they broke up :(