Violins in Metal was created primarily as a resource for violinists in metal bands. As a violinist in a metal band, it is often difficult to know what to do since there is no set standard as to what violinists in metal bands should play, what they should sound like, how they should look, or even move. When it came to writing violin parts for metal songs, I found myself wishing that there were other metal bands with violins that I could listen to for inspiration and ideas. So I decided to research it and found all sorts of amazing bands, and I decided to start this blog to share what I've found with others. Here I will share the bands that I've found as well as some things I have learned from playing in a band.

This blog focuses on metal bands with violin players in addition to the traditional metal band lineup of guitars, bass, and drum. However, I will deviate sometimes if I find something particularly awesome that I think will be useful for aspiring metal violinists. I will also occasionally offer advice and share insights I have gained from playing in a band, that may prove useful as well.

Of course, I realize that not all of you are violinists in metal bands, but that there are a great number of people who just like listening to metal with violins in it. This blog is for you, too! Some of you might be violinists who just happen to be metalheads, others may just love the elegant sound of the violin contrasted with aggressive distorted guitars - whatever your reason, I hope you find some cool stuff on this blog!