Friday, March 4, 2011

Resolution 15

Resolution 15 is post-thrash metal band from Astoria, New York that not only tackles heavy riffs on their two 7-string electric violins, but also addresses heavy social issues in their music. Their technical prowess is undeniable - their riffing rivals that of the finest metal guitarists, and watching them play is just awe-inspiring. Their music is brutal, with heavy riffs and assaulting vocals. Unlike many other violin-imitating-guitar acts, Resolution 15 has their own distinct musical and thematic direction that would allow them to hold their own even if they were a guitar-based metal band. But what also makes them unique in their niche is their use of the violin as a melodic component of their music as well as a rhythm instrument, most notably seen in the song "Malus Olympia."
The two violinists are Earl Maneein (bottom left) and Joel Lambdin (bottom right). Earl was the one who started the band - after first getting into metal, he started transcribing Metallica, Anthrax, and Iron Maiden (among other bands) for the violin, then later decided to write metal for the violin himself. Both Earl and Joel play custom 7-string electric violins from the Electric Violin Shop (with the lowest string being tuned to B flat). And I know you're interested in what gear they use (cause I sure was): Earl plays through a Peavy amp with a wah and delay pedal, and Joel plays through a Framus head and cab, with a noise gate for the sound from the violin pickups.
The violin parts consist of lots of spiccatto for the riffing, distorted violin solos, expressive legato parts during interludes, and occasional fast moving parts on top of riffing.

Recommended Songs: "Malus Olympia," "Sufferers Rise"

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