Saturday, May 28, 2011


Rhapsody of Fire (formerly Rhapsody) is a world-renown symphonic power metal band from Trieste, Italy. Led by guitarist and compositional mastermind Lucca Turilli, these mighty warriors bring you tales of dragons, heroes, and magic steel through powerful and inspiring epic compositions based around an original story contained in their lyrics and album booklets, complete with world maps and all. Their music is intricate, uplifting and mighty, fusing neo-classical guitar runs with operatic singing, metal guitar riffs, recorders, tambourines, and harpsichord. Their lyrics are incredibly cheesy, but I wouldn't want it any other way. Rhapsody is without a doubt one of the finest power metal bands in the scene today.

Although Rhapsody has never had a full-time violin player, they have used session violinists numerous times on their albums. Recently, their use of violins has been strictly orchestral, but in their earlier albums Symphony of Enchanted Lands and Dawn of Victory (both released when they were just "Rhapsody") they also featured solo and ensemble violin parts - on Symphony of Enchanted Lands it sounded more like an ensemble, while on Dawn of Victory there were more distinct solo violins. The violin parts are classical in nature, sometimes having solos, sometimes doubling with a neo-classical guitar part, and sometimes playing a melody in the background. The violins are acoustic, and Rhapsody has not had violinists play with them live that I know of.

Songs with Prominent Violin Parts: "The Dark Tower of Abyss," "Wisdom of the Kings," "Triumph for my Magic Steel," "Emerald Sword," "Riding the Winds of Eternity," "Eternal Glory," "Symphony of Enchanted Lands," "Holy Thunderforce," "The Last Winged Unicorn," "Sacred Power of Raging Winds," "The Bloody Rage of the Titans,"

"The Dark Tower of Abyss" (Symphony of Enchanted Lands):

"Triumph for My Magic Steel" (Dawn of Victory):

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