Thursday, June 9, 2011

Moi Dix Mois

Moi Dix Mois is a solo project of Mana, the iconic Japanese guitarist and fashion designer. He became legendary for the theatric nature of his former band, Malice Mizer, and his feminine gothic aesthetic. The music of Moi Dix Mois strives to defy categorization, but can loosely be described as symphonic gothic black metal. The signature Moi Dix Mois sound is the harpsichord and church organ keyboard patches, and operatic baritone voices blended with harsh grunting.

They feature violins on the album Nocturnal Opera, and the violins are played by session musicians Yuichiro Goto on "Monophobia" and "Vestige," and Yuki Ishimaru on "Shadows Temple." I love the way these violins sound - they have a sweet and very expressive feel, with crescendos, lots of vibrato, and glissandos.

Recommended Songs: "Shadows Temple," "Metaphysical" (no violin), "Monophobia," "Vestige"

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