Saturday, February 27, 2010

At The Lake

At The Lake is a Polish Symphonic Metal band. They feature a female singer, guitars, bass, drum, keyboards, and violin. But what's interesting about them is their violinist Milena Gaworek is also the leader and composer of the band! Their music is a combination of symphonic and folk metal, and very melodic and beautiful.

A song from their new album Live Again just blew me away. Listen to the full song "Like A Northern Wind" HERE, it's amazing!!!

Milena plays an electric violin, a 5-string Zeta Jazz Fusion. The Jazz Fusion has amazing tone, which makes At The Lake have the best electric violin tone I've ever heard in metal! Milena is a very skilled player, as can be heard in her fast arpeggios and runs in "Arrow of Oblivion." The violin parts are very interesting and sophisticated, probably due to the fact that their violinist writes them herself.

At The Lake is still a fairly new band, so I look forward to what they will come out with next!

Official Website:

Recommended songs: "Like A Northern Wind," "Arrow of Oblivion," "Silvae"

Arrow of Oblivion:

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