Thursday, February 23, 2012


If you've ever wondered what a day in the life of a pirate would be like, let Alestorm take you on a pirate metally adventure with sailing tempestuous seas, fighting sea monsters, making traitors walk the plank, and enjoying themselves some meade and wenches. Hailing from Scotland and Ireland, Alestorm's music can be described as power metal meets folk metal, with gruff piratey vocals and violin, accordion, horn, and flute.
The violin parts feature folk melodies, I don't know what national origin the typical Hollywood piratey/seafaring music from the 18th century was from, but it sounds exactly as you would imagine pirate music to sound like. It's played on an acoustic violin by session musicians only, and they do not have a live violinist.

Official Site:

Recommended Songs: "Keelhauled," "Back Through Time"

"Keelhauled" :

"Back Through Time":

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  1. Yes! You're back!! :D

    i haven't seen Alestorm live, but i was told they are very "cheerful" and indeed it's a concert you'll enjoy, disregarding the fact they have no live violinist :S

    Keelhauled is great, it's fun to dance it!

    BTW Eluveitie new album is out, did you like it? Best regards, César

  2. Yes, Alestorm was fun to see live! They have a live keytar player, by the way, which was awesome.
    Oh, I guess Eluveitie's new album is out now! I've only heard their singles so far, I thought they're were pretty good, but I'll have to give their album a listen sometime.
    Thanks César, I'm glad you're so excited that I'm back! I'll try and post again soon! :)

  3. Listen to Eluveitie's Helvetios, it is very good! Uxellodunum and Luxtos... amazing!

    Till later! :)