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Lumsk is a progressive folk metal band from Trondheim Norway. Ethereal and otherworldly, their music weaves together the story-like qualities of progressive rock with lyrics based on tales from Nordic mythology. Gorgeous female vocals invoke images of ancient princesses, and male vocals recall mythic heroes. The tone of the pieces ranges from foreboding to jubilant and victorious, sometimes even changing within a song. Mature and intricate compositions make Lumsk memorable and set them apart from other folk metal bands. While their earlier albums can easily be considered metal, their last album is more ambient, and better described as progressive rock. Aside from male and female vocals, the band also features keyboards, which often use the classic Hammond organ sound, violin, trombone, and the standard 2 guitars, bass, and drums.

The violinist is Siv Lena Waterloo Laugtug, who has been with the band since it's beginning, but left in 2007. The violin is mixed very high in the recordings. Violin parts range from being very folky to haunting and ethereal, and feature trills, tremolo, flowing legato parts, and possibly even distortion. It sounds like Siv Lena plays both acoustic and electric violin on the recordings, and she plays a Yamaha SV-200 electric live.

Official Site:

Recommended songs: "Skip Under Lide," "Skomegyvri," "Nøkken," "Perpålsa," "Olafs Belti"

"Skip Under Lide" :

"Nøkken" :

*If you're interested in seeing a music video, here's "Trolltind," it's not a particularly heavy song, but the video is neat.

**The beautiful picture of Siv Lena is from Metal Blast Photo.

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