Monday, May 24, 2010


Valkyre is a symphonic gothic metal band from Belgium and France. They are still unsigned, with only 2 demos out: "Consolamentum" and "On Both Sides We Pray." Unfortunately, it is hard to find most their music, as there are only three recordings available on their Myspace.
I was really struck by their song, "A Good Day to Die," which combines celtic folk elements with symphonic keyboard patches and violin-guitar harmonies.
The violin parts are very melodic, provide great harmonies and a folky magical feel to their music. Their music is very energetic and enchanting, with a powerful female singer and intriguing synth sounds.
The violinist is Cid Jimenez, who joined the band in 2007 and worked on "Consolamentum" with them. Before him, the violinist was Joris Derder. They have both used an acoustic live at one point, but Cid also has an electric S-shaped violin (Shar?). They have consistent violins, they are on all three of the songs on their myspace. Give them a listen!
Great sound, and great potential!

Recommended Songs: "A Good Day to Die," "Faidit"

Official Site:

"A Good Day to Die":

Naio Ssaion

Putting their violinist and female singer on their album cover for "Out Loud" was a good marketing move for Naio Ssaion. These two elements definitely grabbed my attention right from the start, and a good indication of what sets their band apart from others. Classified as nu-metal or gothic metal, this band from Slovenia has great consistent use of the violin. I almost want to say they're a rock band, however, since their metal influence is very light, and they have very strong pop influences. They don't update their websites very often, so I have no idea what they are up to now, but hopefully we will hear more from them in the future!
Their violinist is Rok Kolar. Between banging his head and shaking his dreads, Rok plays a mean violin, writes very interesting parts, and makes the most extensive use of pizzicato and double-stops I've heard so far in metal. A lot of the violin parts are very fast paced, rhythmic, and provide good texture for the music. The soloing is very rock guitar-like, artistic, and fits very well into the music. Also impressive is the fact that the violin is in every song on their album, "Out Loud." Rok plays a Zeta Strados electric violin live, probably plays it in the studio as well. These violin parts are definitely unique, and worth checking out!

Recommended Songs: "Blah Blah," "The Mirror" (solo near end), "Can't You Hear" (semi-solo @ end), "Shut Up" (solo, pizz), "Bow Link in E Minor" (instr.), "Blind Date," "Yours Faithfully" (pizz.)

Official Site:

"Blah Blah":

"Can't You Hear" live (some pitch issues, but still interesting to watch!):

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